The Upstander – video transcript

Text: Monday

[Sounds of bullies laughing and yelling mean taunts.]

Bullies: Tina! Tina!

Girl bullies: Where are your friends? You can sit with us if you like.

Boy bully: No she can’t.

Girl bully: No, wait, no, you can’t!

[Music drowns out voices, then the voices reappear].

Text: Tuesday

Bullies: Tina! Tina!

Boy bully: Tina, listen to us.

Girl bully: Why won’t you talk to us?

Text: Wednesday

Bullies: [laughing].

Girl bully: Nice hat!

Boy bully: It’s like a big sock.

Bullies: [more laughing].

Boy bully: Throw it back! It’s Tina’s.

Girl bully: C’mon, just throw it.

Boy bully: It’s Tina’s. Throw it back. C’mon Belle, throw it back.

Bullies: Throw it! Throw it!

Boy bully: Belle, throw it back. Belle!

Belle: Hey Tina, do you wanna sit with me?

Text: Upstanders. The best defense against bullying.

[Both girls go and sit together, Belle offers Tina her other earphone to listen to music together.]

Text: Produced by the NSW Department of Education with thanks to the student-actors at Campbelltown Performing Arts High School.

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