SBS Insight: Stopping school bullying

When it comes to discussing the realities and strategies for preventing student bullying, there is nothing more powerful than hearing from students themselves.

SBS Insight’s program on student bullying (‘Stopping School Bullying’, Tuesday 26 March 2019), highlighted work of schools from across Australia, including NSW, in addressing student bullying and the impact it has had on students.

However, it was the experience and decisions taken by students that made this a powerful discussion. The episode featured the students from the videos, You're Wonderful and You’re Wonderful, too, from Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School filmed for the NSW anti-bullying website, who discussed the imp[act this filming has had on their own lives and their perceptions of others.

To watch the episode visit SBS Insight and sign in to SBS On Demand.

Share the great work your school is doing to address student bullying behaviour by visiting the #CareRespectSupport showcase.

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