Care.Respect.Support podcast

New podcasts series to support student behaviour in schools.

The new Care.Respect.Support podcast series aims to connect you with world leading experts and practitioners to explore the best ways to support student wellbeing and behaviour. The podcasts will explore the latest research, separate fact from fiction and provide ideas on strategies you can use to support students.

Our first series is now available and features Professor Donna Cross. In this series of four podcasts, Donna discusses a range of topics including separating the student from the behaviour, facilitating social skills, improving school climate and tips to engage effectively with your community.

Over the coming weeks the podcast series will feature Julie Inman Grant, the Office of the eSafety Commissioner; Doctor Barbara Spears, University of South Australia; and Professor Neil Humphrey, University of Manchester. Topics will include, online bullying, cyber safety and supporting vulnerable students.

You can also start listening to the podcasts by subscribing to the Care.Respect.Support channel on Spotify or Whooshkaa.

If you have any feedback or great ideas for the podcast series please email

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