Illustrations: Prevention

Illustrations that can be used in your classroom or throughout your school to address prevention.

developmental trajectory Download the developmental trajectory (JPG 44.72KB) illustration.
early intervention 1 Download the early intervention (JPG 51.72KB) illustration.
early intervention 2Download the early intervention (JPG 50.63KB) illustration.
know every studentDownload the know every student (JPG 44.8KB) illustration.
know your students and how they learnDownload the know your students and how they learn (JPG 50.57KB) illustration.
modelling behaviourDownload the modelling behaviour (JPG 56.24KB) illustration.
one good friendDownload the one good friend (JPG 867.33KB) illustration.
reframing behaviourDownload the reframing behaviour (JPG 55.11KB) illustration.
school environmentDownload the school environment (JPG 54.26KB) illustration.
share the loveDownload the share the love (JPG 29.31KB) illustration.
social and emotional learningDownload the social and emotional learning (JPG 54.25KB) illustration.
student voiceDownload the student voice (JPG 34.09KB) illustration.
whole school approachDownload the whole school approach (JPG 1554.48KB) illustration.
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