Upstanding videos

You're Wonderful

We are our toughest critics and can make judgements about ourselves that aren’t real.

But we can all promote safe, supportive and respectful relationships by valuing EVERY individual in a school – even ourselves.

This video shows the power we have if we focus on the positive and build ourselves and others up.

What choice will you make?

You're Wonderful, Too

Twelve months ago – we created You’re Wonderful a video that showed how important it was to focus on the positive things that people say about us rather than believing the bad things. This video had a big impact on the lives of many of the people who saw it.

Now the sequel – You’re Wonderful too – revisits the students who gave compliments to their colleagues and friends in that first video.

We will hear about the students' profound reaction to You're Wonderful and how it has affected their lives.

A look into how compliments improve the lives of not only the people that receive them, but the ones who give them.

Don't follow the herd

What happens when a group of students start behaving strangely in the middle of an assembly?

Would you follow the herd even though you have no idea what is going on?  Can you stand up to the group if you know something is not quite right?

How well would you stand up to peer pressure?

Wise at 5

Follow your heart and not the herd… and if five year olds know the difference, shouldn’t we?

This video will show the opinions of a group of five year old students when asked a series of questions such as should I dye my hair blue, is it ok to laugh at someone who is crying and what should I do if my friend pushes someone over.

The answers are obvious aren’t they?

The Upstander

Bystanders can contribute to the problem. An upstander is someone who offers support to the person being bullied. Watch the video below or read the transcript.

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