Early stage 1 - Unit 3 - How do we make friends?

Broad focus for an inquiry: Personal and social capability, family

Generative questions

  • What is a friend?
  • How do I relate to others who have different characteristics or experiences to me?
  • How can I be a good friend in the classroom and playground?

Understandings, skills and values

  • Appraise and compare similar and different values held by others.
  • Build an understanding of why individual and group values may be similar or different.
  • Be able to justify personal responses.

Tuning in

What is a friend?

Whole class discussion to create a Y-chart (looks like, sounds like, feels like) for friendship.

Class shared reading of picture books that develop themes around friendship. Some examples include:

  • Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka
  • A Hot Cup of Chocolate by Rose Stanley.

Finding out

How can I be a good friend?

Review friendship Y chart. Class discussion about what good friends do. Students work in pairs and act out being a good friend. Teacher gives signal to ‘freeze’ and taps random pair on the shoulder to demonstrate their friendship moment. Teacher can prompt students with scenarios such as taking turns, playing a game, helping a friend or including a friend in a game. Invite class comments on each situation.

Sorting out

Friendship picture book

Students each write a sentence and contribute an artwork to a class picture book about friends to express ideas they have developed in the previous two activities.

Going further

Being a good friend

Students play games/activities that involve cooperation, for example, throwing and catching a ball, tunnel ball or captain ball. Have a group discussion about how well they cooperated together. Develop a list of behaviours for being a good friend. Photograph students demonstrating friendship behaviours to display in the classroom.

Concluding and acting

Protecting myself and others from bullying

Play Alien Adventure: this app tells the story of an alien arriving from another planet and starting school. He learns how to get on at school and with his friends. The app can be found on Bullying. No Way!

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