Stage 1 - Unit 3 – How can I care for others?

Broad focus for an inquiry: Social and personal capability

Generative questions

  • How does our community care for people?
  • What are caring behaviours?
  • How can I care for other students in my class and at my school?

Understandings, skills and values

  • Identify and classify ways of caring for different people.
  • Understanding how students can care for others.
  • Recognising bullying and protecting myself and others from bullying through active bystander behaviours.

Tuning in

What is caring?

Classes identify the characteristics of caring people. Brainstorm and list caring words, actions and behaviours. Students discuss how we care for our family, friends, people in the community and people around the world.

Finding out

Who cares for us?

Research all the people who care for us, including people who have caring jobs such as doctors, nurses and teachers. Investigate programs in the community that offer caring, such as aged care programs, toddler library sessions or support for people newly arrived in the area. View the local council website for ideas. Class can make a display of people who care for others.

Sorting out

What can we do to care for others?

Students are photographed caring for each other across a range of school situations. Write sentences for each picture. Examples could include caring behaviour in the classroom, on the playground and during activities such as sport and lunch. Publish as a class book.

Going further

What is bullying?

Explain to students how to recognise and respond to bullying behaviour in accordance with whole school approaches and strategies. Discuss how we can use caring behaviours to prevent bullying and to support others if we see them experiencing bullying behaviour from others.

Concluding and acting

How can I keep myself and my friends safe from bullying?

Students role play being an active bystander (upstander) and practice using the whole school anti-bullying strategies to prevent and respond to bullying behaviour.

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