Stage 2 - Unit 2 – What is diversity?

Broad focus for an inquiry: Change and continuity, culture and society

Generative questions

  • What is diversity?
  • What are the benefits of diversity?
  • What diversity is present in our community?

Understandings, skills and values

  • There are many types of diversity.
  • Diversity is celebrated in our community.
  • Difference and diversity contribute to rich and vibrant society.
  • Define terminology associated with diversity.

Tuning in

Difference and diversity in our class

Build a class display that celebrates difference. This could include class surveys about similarities and differences, for example different countries of family origin. Students plot their countries of origin on a world map displayed on the interactive white board.

Finding out

Diversity in our community

Explore the local community and identify signs of diversity and how it is promoted. This may be through walking around the neighbourhood, using Google maps and exploring the local council website. Identify ways in which the local community supports diversity.

In pairs students research and compile a list of words that relate to the themes of diversity, inclusivity and belonging. Develop and display a class mural of what they find.

Sorting out

Valuing diversity

Discuss what implications there may be if there was no diversity, or if diversity was not valued. What would the world be like? Students compile and classify a response.

Going further

Understanding diversity

In pairs or small groups, develop a list of interview questions to ask family, friends and /or community members about views on diversity, inclusivity and belonging. Conduct interviews, collate findings and share the results.

Concluding and acting

Celebrating diversity

Students create a visual presentation that communicates their feelings about the value of diversity. How does diversity contribute to our society?

Download Unit 2 - What is diversity (PDF 255.07KB)

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