Stage 1 - Unit 2 – What groups do I belong to?

Broad focus for an inquiry: Diversity and difference, culture and society

Generative questions

  • What is special about me?
  • What are my strengths?
  • How can I use my strengths to help others?
  • How can my class work together to help each other?

Understandings, skills and values

  • Identify similarities and differences
  • Working collaboratively with peers and respecting their opinions.

Tuning in

How am I the same or different from my friends?

Build student recognition and acceptance of differences and similarities. Play a ‘getting to know each other’ scavenger hunt game where students find others in their class who share something in common with them, for example, a love of sports, a type of pet, a favourite food or movie.

Finding out

How can I contribute to a successful classroom?

Class discusses and brainstorms the personal qualities that contribute to a successful classroom. For example, listening to each other, sharing, being kind, being patient and including others in games. Students identify their strengths and describe them in a sentence or short paragraph.

Sorting out

‘Hall of Fame’ class portraits

Student photographs or self-portraits are displayed, accompanied by their strength descriptions from the activity above. Discuss how different kinds of strengths are necessary for a successful classroom and that each student has something to contribute to the class team.

Going further

How are we the same or different?

Students create an exhibition about themselves and their families to share in a class display. This could include anything that they consider important including favourite toys, photographs and artefacts from home.

Concluding and acting

Personal identity exhibits

Students explain why they have chosen some of their exhibition items. Students could invite family and family friends to view their display and those of their classmates.


Harmony Day – Everyone Belongs includes resources to support teaching about belonging.

Download Unit 2 - What groups do I belong to (PDF 257.87KB)

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