Stage 1 - Unit 1 – What is a family?

Broad focus for an inquiry: Diversity and difference, culture and society, family

Generative questions

  • How are some families organised?
  • What are some ways in which families are similar or different?
  • What do I know about my family?

Understandings, skills and values

  • Examining family structures.
  • Recognising and valuing family structures.
  • Describing own family structure.

Tuning in

Families come in all shapes and sizes

Students bring a photo of their family and display on the “Family Wall”.

Discuss family structures students are aware of (their own and others) and how they fit together. Students have opportunities to ask questions of each other about their families.

Finding out

Case study: families

Students work together or in small groups to investigate a case study of a family that is different to their own, for example, a family in a different location in the world, a family in the country or city, or a family from long ago.

Examples of resources include:

  • Mirror by Jeannie Baker
  • My Mob going to the Beach by Sylvia Emmerton
  • My Place by Nadia Wheatley and Donna Rawlins (illustrator).

Sorting out

What are some things that are different or the same in other families?

Students develop understanding and appreciation of similarity and difference by discussing how their case study family is different or the same as their own family. They could contribute to a chart showing differences and similarities that can be added to over time. Class discussion should consider how many positive values families share regardless of time, place or circumstances.

Going further

What can I find out about my family?

Students develop their own inquiry questions about their family to research at home and share with their class.

Concluding and acting

Sharing our research

Students share what they have found out about their families. Encourage students to present their information in a variety of ways, such as photos, stories and memorabilia. The teacher could video student presentations to produce a class movie that can be presented to another class or at school assembly.

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