Early stage 1 - Unit 1 - What does my world look like?

Broad focus for an inquiry: Diversity and difference, culture and society, family

Generative questions

  • What is a family?
  • How are families different or the same?
  • What are some groups I belong to?

Understandings, skills and values

  • Families can be very different.
  • Families can do different things and live in different ways but share many common values.
  • Students belong to different groups.
  • All students belong in their class and school.

Tuning in

What do families look like?

Read stories and view short films that describe many different family types and structures.

Examples of resources include:

  • Tom Tom by Rosemary Sullivan and Dee Huxley
  • Children Just Like Me by Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley
  • Allison by Allen Say
  • Grandpa and Ah Gong by Morag Loh and Xiangyi Mo
  • What Will You Be, Sara Mee? by Kate Aver Avraham
  • A New Year's Reunion by Yu Li Qiong
  • Grandad's Medals by Tracy Duncan
  • An African Christmas by Ifeoma Onyefulu
  • Come to the Party Collection by Suzanne Lauridsen.

Finding out

‘All about me’ artworks

Students create an artwork of themselves, doing something they enjoy such as playing soccer, playing with friends, going to grandparent’s house or reading a book. Students can add a sentence describing how they feel doing their favourite activities.

Sorting out

Explaining our artworks

Students discuss their artworks and explain why they have chosen the items they have included to represent themselves in their artwork.

Going further

What groups do I belong to?

Students contribute to a class chart showing all the groups that are important to them. Students should be encouraged to reflect on groups that they below to, including their class.

Concluding and acting

What is my community/where do I belong?

Students collaborate to design a mural to celebrate that everyone belongs in their class (or school). Develop a class motto that emphasises belonging and display the results.

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