A focus on student wellbeing and student ownership

Wellbeing contributes significantly to the learning outcomes of students. Encouraging student voice promotes the important role students play in developing a positive school culture.

Schools play a very important role in supporting, enhancing and building the wellbeing of every child. Wellbeing contributes significantly to the learning outcomes of students in our schools.

A teaching and learning environment free from bullying encourages healthy, happy, successful and productive individuals. Every staff member has an important role in contributing to the wellbeing of the students in their school.

Wellbeing enhances self-worth, self-awareness and personal identity. Students need to be actively connected to their learning, have respectful and positive relationships and experience a sense of belonging to their school and community.

Students play a powerful role in the development and maintenance of a safe school culture. Student-centred programs that include components of peer support, peer mediation, peer teaching, mentoring and student leadership present opportunities for relationship building between students and modelling of responsible social behaviour.

Incorporating student voice in school decision-making contributes to a sense of belonging and ownership, a commitment to common goals and the maintenance of an inclusive and democratic school culture.

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