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NSW anti-bullying website

Resources and information for schools, parents and carers, and students.

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  • About the strategy

    Evidence-based resources for school communities to identify, prevent or respond to bullying.

  • For educators

    Support for educators in the prevention, early intervention or response to bullying behaviours.

  • For parents and carers

    A step-by-step guide for parents and carers when their child is involved with bullying.

  • For students

    Support for students who have seen or have been involved in bullying.

  • Popular

    Defining bullying

    What is bullying and how can I tell if my child is involved?

  • Announcement

    Keep safe online - video

    Steps you can use to make your time online safer.

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    You're Wonderful - video

    Words can be powerful and positive words can be life changing, as shown in this video.